Lochte and His Crew Lie…Just Another Day For the Privileged

What can I say. This is unfortunately, the American Way. What makes this incident so typical is the level of excuses that American writers and some of the American public have made for these guys. The fact that some Americans are dismissing this incident and saying its not a big deal is embarrassing. This foursome disrespected the Olympic games and this incident just highlights a bigger problem, the double standard for White Privilege.

This is typical frat boy, entitled behavior that needs to be checked. The most unfortunate part of this moment is this could be a growing opportunity for our country, to hold ourselves accountable, to humble ourselves. Unfortunately, it looks like more of the same. Does the Stanford rape case ring a bell? These guys will probably not lose much of anything because of their actions. As endorsement deals, reality show contracts, and fans roll in supporting their every move, these guys will most likely go on to live the lucrative, untouchable life they have grown accustomed to and it’s nothing new.

We all know that having the Olympics in Brazil was said to be a mistake. Brazil is widely known for their crime and some Americans believed having the Olympic games there would threaten the lives of our Olympians. Just this past May the New York Post rolled out an article stating that Rio De Janeiro was too dangerous for the Olympics. So, of course these four knew they could say they were armed at gun point and know one would question them. Who cares if it leaves a stain on Brazil. Who cares if they urinated on the gas pumps. Who cares if they vandalized the gas station bathroom. Where is the empathy for the people of Brazil? It’s a microcosm of America’s lying legacy.

So, what can we do? We need to continue to speak out on these injustices, writing their financial backers and boycotting products and services they endorse. If the United States, at large, will not hold them accountable, we the people must. I’ve been very proud of the comments I’ve read from fellow Americans on the matter in various articles on the topic. Many people agree with my sentiments and don’t want to stand for this type of behavior. Living an authentic life means speaking your truth even when it’s difficult. What’s your truth when it comes to this incident? Do you think Lochte, Conger, Bentz, and Feigen deserve a pass? If you had a child that acted in this manner would you just let it go, saying boys will be boys? It’s important for each of us to ask ourselves these questions.