My Visit to Rivermend Treatment Center, Bluff Plantation

This past February, I had the chance to visit Rivermend Treatment Center in Augusta, Georgia. The treatment center is located in the beautiful, tree filled scenery of Bluff Plantation and offers a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. The residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation center offers those seeking addiction recovery a discrete and private setting with 178 acres on the Savannah River. The center is breathtaking and the staff are welcoming and well-informed.

Rivermend offers patients treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, dual disorders, and chronic pain. Clients receive multi-dimensional, evidence-based therapeutic modalities from some the world’s preeminent experts in pain and addiction medicine. The program is led by their Medical Director, William S. Jacobs, M.D., a nationally recognized pain and addiction medicine expert, triple board certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jacobs and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and attentiveness to his patients’ needs.

During my 2-day visit, I was amazed at how my stress melted away, as I visited Bluff Plantation and met the Rivermend team. The highlight of my trip was visiting the equine therapy staff and viewing some of the horses. While visiting the equine area, each staff member and volunteer shared their intimate stories on addiction and their relationship with Rivermend. It was an emotional experience and really gave me a great picture of what Rivermend is all about. I would highly recommend Rivermend to anyone who is suffering with addiction and is looking for a getaway, where they can not only detox and get clean, but have an introspective experience.

RiverMend Health specially trained behavioral health counselors and nurses provide an array of therapeutic modalities, including group, family and individual counseling, patient and family education, and recovery coaching. As an added plus, patients experience yoga, equine therapy, and healthy eating. Their excellent chef prepares unforgettable meals specifically for addiction recovery. His philosophy includes decreasing sugar, preparing more lean proteins, and balancing patient’s diet with fresh, vegetables.

Want to learn more? Recovery is a phone call way. Call 877-652-3609.