Spirituality, Accepting Life’s Natural Transitions

Life isn’t easy.  We all have an allotted amount of time to live on this earth.  For some of us, it’s long–lasting close to 100 years.  For others, it seems that time is cut too short–only experiencing life on earth for several years.  Dying is something that some never talk about, even though it’s integral to our existence.  We all, in fact, will die one day.  No longer being a part of this world is terrifying for some of us.  Others are able to accept it and embrace all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.  
Whenever I meet with clients for the first time, I assess their spiritual values.  Some believe in God, some believe in a higher being, some believe we are connected to all living things, and some believe that once we take our last breath on earth there is nothing else.  Whatever the belief, it is a healthy practice to become at peace with the cycle of life and to gain a foundation in spiritual values.  
In this life, we cannot guarantee anything.  One minute we are living our best life, the next we are preparing for the unknown.  If we do not ground ourselves and become comfortable with our beliefs, whatever they are, we will have fear and anxiety about the unknown.  For many of my clients who have passed the early 20’s transition, I encourage them to go on a spiritual journey and become connected with their beliefs.  After all, we cannot run away from what is truth.  All of us will die one day.  Understanding spiritual beliefs and working towards acceptance of the transition from physical existence allows us room to live our best lives, while we still can.  It also allows us to connect with others on a deeper level.