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Making A Difference In Chicago, Congressman Danny Davis

This weekend I had the pleasure to be a part of Congressman Danny Davis Town Hall Meeting to discuss the state of today‚Äôs youth. The meeting took place at the Johnnie L. Miller Abundant Life Center on the West Side… Continue Reading →

The Counseling Profession, Constantly Evolving

This past Friday, I had the privilege of visiting the graduate students of the Northwestern Family Institute to talk about the counseling job market. The graduate students were engaged and had great questions about the field of counseling. Many of… Continue Reading →

Toolbox for Anxiety

When clients visit me for their anxiety, I tell them that having a toolbox to manage their anxiety symptoms is essential. However, techniques to help with anxiety only work when we can accept our symptoms and be present with them… Continue Reading →

#BlackLivesMatter: An Issue of Advocacy

As psychotherapists, we often hear the term advocacy; taking action on behalf of our clients and disadvantaged populations. When we talk about advocacy, it is important to include the African American community to the list of populations needing support. Recently,… Continue Reading →

What is anxiety and what are symptoms of a panic attack?

As a psychotherapist one of my specialities is anxiety. I have worked with many clients presenting with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and illness anxiety to name a few. Anxiety can have a wide variety of symptoms and some of them… Continue Reading →

Working with Adolescents, A Rewarding Population

Research says children with mentors in their lives are significantly more confident in their academic abilities and are considerably less likely to have behavioral problems (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2013). As counselors, its important to remember that we… Continue Reading →

Healing Circle’s Advice for the New Year

A new year and as the saying goes, a new you, right? Some people want to lose weight, others want to grow professionally. Whatever the goal, we begin the new year with high hopes for change in our lives. What… Continue Reading →

Living In The Moment

A few weeks ago I was walking and thinking how the day was a particularly cold day for November. It seems like fall passed us by in the blink of an eye. While walking to lunch, I overheard a group… Continue Reading →

Advocacy: The Life Blood of the Counseling Profession

As psychotherapists, how do we advocate for others? Hopefully, most of us support our clients with active listening, mental health education, and access to additional resources. When we are not working with, or for, our clients, how do we advocate… Continue Reading →

Mental Illness & Suicide

Recently, I read that director Tony Scott committed suicide. The 68 year old Top Gun director jumped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge into the Los Angeles Harbor (Blankstein, 2012). He left behind a suicide note for his… Continue Reading →

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