This weekend I had the pleasure to be a part of Congressman Danny Davis Town Hall Meeting to discuss the state of today’s youth. The meeting took place at the Johnnie L. Miller Abundant Life Center on the West Side of Chicago. There was a panel of social workers, law enforcement, and community activists present to hear what the youth had to say about the violence in their communities. The purpose of the event was to come together to brainstorm conflict resolution.

The Town Hall Meeting was interactive and many of the youth in attendance participated by sharing their ideas on how the city can affect change for at risk youth. Immediately when I arrived I felt connected to comments and opinions of all who participated. For me, the take away from the day was that we all need to challenge our perceptions about the violence in our communities. Get involved in the community. Mentor and advocate for youth programs. As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Violence is often times learned so access to resources and positive activities for children are imperative to affect change. Let’s join Congressman Danny Davis to make a change in Chicago.